Global Service Quality

Global Service Quality

We are committed to the production of the highest quality components for our customers.

One Team

One Team

EILOR MAGNETIC CORES is one of the world-known leading companies, that specializes in the manufacture of tape wound magnetic cores, both cut and uncut.

Research and Development

Research and Development

Our Research and Development (R&D) Department is responsible for innovations in design, products and tools.

About Eilor

EILOR is a world-leader manufacturer of Magnetic Cores, offers a wide range of advanced products and solutions to customers. With more than 95% of total sales derived from its export business, EILOR‘s products are sold to customers in more than twenty countries worldwide.

Our Products

As a specialist in magnetic cores, we offer a wide range of products, providing our customers with production means for high efficient transformers and inductors in various shapes and sizes according to customer’s specifications.

Here is our products Categories:

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