It’s well known that grain-oriented silicon steel has the desirable characteristics of very high maximum flux density, low core losses and high permeability. The phenomenon of grain orientation (crystal texture) is a result of special chemical structure, severe cold rolling and high temperature annealing – all of which contribute to the development of grains (crystals) which are most readily magnetized in the direction of cold rolling but very difficult to magnetize (requiring up to 50 times the excitation) perpendicular to this direction. Therefore it makes sense to utilize this material only in the rolling direction as in tape wound cores, and not cross grain as in the case with laminations.

  • Cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel, insulated by special heat resistant coating.
  • Density – 7.65gr/cm ³.
  • Composition -3.25% silicon, 96.75% iron (nominal).
  • Resistivity – 48 µΩ-cm.
  • Thermal conductivity – 0.043 cal/cm/sec/C°.

Available grades of grain-oriented silicon steel

Thickness, mm (inch) Grade, according to Maximum specific core losses, W/kg, at Stacking Factor (min)
AISI IEC 604048-8-7 EN 10303 1.7T/50Hz 1.5T/400Hz 0.5T/2000Hz
0.30(0.012) M-5 M 140-30 1.40 0.95
M0-H M 105-30 1.05
0.27(0.011) M4 M 130-27 1.30
M0-H M 100-27 1.00
0.23(0.009) M3 M 120-23 1.20 0.94
M0-H M 090-23 0.90
0.10(0.004) GO 10 15.0 0.92
0.05(0.002) GO 5 15* 0.89

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